Welcome to Rupee.Z 

We at Rupee.Z are creating a Decentralized and Secured Marketplace 

for use with cryptocurrencies!


Rupee.Z is aiming to create a Decentralized marketplace for users to buy/sell and exchange goods online using cryptocurrencies. Many will be available to use. The Rupee.Z token, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc.

The Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Rupee.Z will have the Gem Marketplace. A marketplace accepting only cryptocurrency as payment. For physical and digital goods.

Work From Home

In the Gem Marketplace you will be able to find and hire workers to complete many paid tasks for you from their own homes. Or you can apply for many of jobs to do from home to be paid in cryptocurrencies


Ether Delta
IDEX (Coming soon)
Yobit (Coming soon)
Cryptopia (Coming soon)

The Rupee.Z Team

Robaire Nakamoto


Ravith Rajapakse
Graphic Design
Bitcoin Beezer
Special Advisor
Damien Greco
Special Advisor

How We Can Help…

The goal of the Rupee.Z and Gem Marketplace project.


Our goal is to link buyers, sellers, employees, and employers together in a community to use cryptocurrencies to negotiate and agree on terms. This will give many people a forum to find services, jobs, and tasks they may need completed in many categories that can assist both. It can be a work from home opportunity for many. Also a easy convenient place for employers to find quick work to be done for them.

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Promotion
  • Translation
  • Digital Downloads
  • Subscriptions
  • Physical Goods

Road Map: Coming Soon


Our News

Latest news from Rupee.Z

Rupee.z added to IDEX exchange

11/5/2017: Added to IDEX echange!

Rupee.Z releases new logo!

11/6/2017: Rupee.Z releases the new logo that was created with the help of some valuable members of the community!